Creativity Programs


The Corporate Buddha is a Sydney corporate team building facilitation, where the focus of our team building activities is on motivating employees through individual empowerment and creative problem solving. These personal empowerment-based team development programs are infused with art and creativity, mindfulness practices and insights from the leading teachers of positive psychology & neuroscience, poets, artists, business & spiritual leaders.

How your team will benefit from a Corporate Buddha Program:

~ Promote a corporate culture of imagination and innovation

~ Empower team members to explore their creative potential & imagination

~ Install a sense of being valued by providing new training opportunities

~ Enable a refreshed approach to problem solving by shifting ‘old’ perspectives

~ Participation in creative and fun team building activities

~ Provide opportunities to address underlying workplace issues such as bullying,
low productivity and high staff turnover


Curious to know more?

Then contact noula, the creator of The Corporate Buddha, by sending an email to: or calling: (+61) 02 9818 7471