You are. That is. Creative – Book by noula diamantopoulos

You are creative bookYou are. That is. Creative

Finding your way to your greater creative self

By noula diamantopoulos


About the Book
You Are Creative! That is the underlying message of this book which takes you on a journey that unfolds your innate creative process.

I combine stories from my psychotherapy/coaching and art teaching practice and introduce you to ‘your interior map’, a process which helps you to uncover the way you do things and the way you make things – whether you are making art or making a decision. In five short steps you will come to know things about yourself that really matter when it comes to better understanding your innate creative process.

There are three sections in this book and in one of them I write on topics of creativity and self-development and encourage you to be curious and inquisitive. My Quest technique, a dialogue of questions only, is another tool that I share with you in the book. Quest is about suspending the answer and discovering the power of a well-developed question. The book includes art and writing exercises to wake up your imagination, reflections to take your journey deeper within and is written with an engaging sense of humour and honesty which will have you wanting to read more!


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