Change by noula diamantopoulos

CHANGE by noula diamantopoulos

Change is something that happens regardless of whether we mean it to, make it to, want it to or not.

Change is an outcome, a result and acts in the same manner as milestones do. Changes are like a tracking devise, a witness to our being, that we were here and this is what it looked like when we were.

And if there was no change, then did anything happen!

Some changes are subtle like turning 50 (when did that happen?) and some are like ruptures causing us to be still, to heal that which for so long was hidden.

Change will happen. It is the only constant.

We talk about change management – how can change be managed? Does change need to be managed? What are we managing when change has happened? Is it about helping us to understand change? What if I don’t want to understand it? Is change management about learning acceptance. After all change is something that happens regardless of whether we mean it to, make it to, want it to or not.

If change management is about acceptance then what does acceptance mean?

Acceptance used to feel like something I had to do to get on with life. A kind of “get over it”, “move on” “who cares” and “whatever” attitude. It felt like a pacifying action for the sake of keeping the peace. However. To truly accept is anything but a passive action. To come to a place of acceptance requires a spirited approach to change. For change will happen. It already has. Acceptance is about letting go of what life should look like. What a business should look like. Even people of vision cannot truly know what will be birthed. People of vision envision change and they become catalysts of change, a change warrior.

Change is an agitating force where you find yourself in a new state. A place you have never been to before. Landed without a map. No directions. And an uncomfortable feeling.

The Cosmos is a big place. You can get lost in it or you can get found in it. I have chosen the latter.

Yes, you can find yourself in different states but consider this – a state is a part of something – something bigger – larger – called the Cosmos. And theses States are not out there – they are in here – within us, within all of us. Maybe we could work towards unity.

Do not push away the States – do not make them homogenous, integrate them for they are all meant to be and what stops them for being integrated is the way we judge that which is seeking to be integrated. Imagine that for a moment – that our differences are seeking to find a place in this cosmos and to not replace or displace anyone or anything – judgement seeks to replace – Change is an outcome, a result and acts in the same manner as milestones do.  Changes seeks their place in the Cosmos and do not intend to replace.

Marcus Aurelius – the Roman Emperor (however he wrote his famous Meditations in Greek!) Said “You have the power to strip away many superfluous troubles located wholly in your judgement, and to possess a large room for yourself embracing in thought the whole cosmos, to consider everlasting time, to think of the rapid change in the parts of each thing, of how short it is from birth until dissolution, and how the void before birth and that after dissolution are equally infinite.”

And I think Rumi was responding to Aurelius when he said: “Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

And then nola said: “And this motion is called change, it is going to happen so why not agitate it!”


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