Growing in the Workplace – Part 2

GROWING IN THE WORKPLACE – PART 2 by noula diamantopoulos

A Question of Direction? Where Are You Growing Into?

I know what you’re thinking: “Don’t you mean who are you growing into?” Yes, maybe, but I am curious about where I am right now and what I am doing right now and what an interesting journey it has been and how I have grown – into where I am!


Growing is a creative process. You are where you are in your career right now as a result of a series of experiences. Experience is knowleged gained from repeated trials and errors (from the Latin experiential). Think about where you are right now in your career. How did you grow into this role? How creative were you with all your experiences? What did you create from all your experiences to date?

A mindfulness practice to access where you are growing into

Think about your where you are right now in your career, and say: Here. I. Am.
Just pause a moment and say those words again.

Say them slowly. One at a time. I know you are busy. You want to get to the punchline. Ah! This is the punchline. Say these three little words slowly.

Here. I. Am. Close your eyes and sound those words internally. Try each word – one breath at a time.

One breath, one word. Inhale and internally sound the word  “Here” and exhale. Inhale and sound the word “I” and exhale. Inhale and sound the word “Am” and exhale.

Do you feel different? You should, because you are not where you were a few minutes ago and we never feel exactly the same twice. But lets continue.

Journaling your Here.I.Am

After the short Here.I.Am mindful practice, gently open your eyes and journal. Write whatever comes up for you. It could be reflections of those three little words. Maybe there are no words, so make marks instead. Let your mark making freely flow across the page. Let your imagination connect with your senses and allow whatever is there to be captured on paper. Do not judge what you are doing or what is coming up. This doesn’t take long to do. Not long at all.

A curious question of Insight?

Are you growing where you are? Are you aware of which map you are following?

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