Growing in the Workplace – Part 1

GROWING IN THE WORKPLACE – PART 1 by noula diamantopoulos

Just imagine wanting to go to work everyday grooving and oozing with positive vibes.

You are curious about what will happen today and looking forward to who might call you & what may come your way? You’re eager to make a contribution to changing the world and making it a better place. (Okay – maybe that’s not in your sights right now)

Still. You are keen to contribute, be productive, feel that you are respected and appreciated in your workplace.

Yet. It’s a mystery that we have come to blame the greatest place for our personal growth, as the one major cause for all of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Growing in the WorkplaceAsk Yourself this Question

We blame our workplace for our bad health, our poor relationships, our unhappiness and pretty much most everything that is yuk in our life.
So I’m wondering: How have you successfully become unhappy at work (Oh yeah baby – you know you have been successful here!)

Growing in the WorkplaceA Creative Journaling Exercise

Why don’t you stop a moment and write that question down. Grab a sheet of A4 paper – yep go to the photocopier please. Place the question “How have I successfully become unhappy at work?” in the middle of the page and circle it.

Before you do anything else, just breathe for a moment. Take another breath and feel the breath pushing your belly out. One more breath and this time ensure that the breath is popping your belly out. Now close your eyes and breathe softly and slowly with your own rhythm for 10 breaths. (Use your fingers to keep count)

Gently open your eyes and with a soft gaze, reflect on the question staring back at you on the paper. Reflect a moment and sense the areas where you are not happy at work. Now respond. Please do not judge what you are writing, do not argue with what’s coming up and don’t try to make it sound pretty, just dump those thoughts down on paper.

Okay. Now grab a different coloured pen. Breathe deeply into your abdomen for three long slow breaths and then continue breathing in your own pace.
Take your breath into your heart and let it rest there.
What you see written in front of you are all the things you have created which have led to your success at being unhappy in the workplace.
Let your non-dominate hand write with the different coloured pen, picking  out three things that you can now reverse and begin to take responsibility for your own joy in the workplace.

How cool was that? One last thing. Seeing it and not doing it won’t create a change.

Please take action now.

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