Are You Aware Of Being Mindful?

ARE YOU AWARE OF BEING MINDFUL? by noula diamantopoulos

Mindfulness is the practice, the pathway if you like, of being present.

By simply pausing (take in a few deep breaths here) and then placing your attention on what you are currently doing in this very moment, will bring your mind fully to the act.

Try mindfulness when you next eat a meal or a snack.
When you eat a meal mindfully you engage all your senses in the process. Sit with your meal. Pause and smell the food and look at it for a moment and as you bring your food to your mouth, sense it. Feel each chew by simply placing your attention on the act of chewing. Eat in silence. No T.V or talking or reading a newspaper at the same time.

When you eat mindfully the taste of food is enriched and mindful eating prevents mindless snacking.
You might even want to try eating with your non dominant hand to help you slow down the process as well as create new neurological pathways.

Bring mindfulness to as many acts in your life as you can. Try it with a pencil and create a mindful drawing. Decide what it is you are going to draw. Say a still life of fruit. Pickup the pencil with your non dominant hand and move the pencil across the page, observing the still life, listening to the sound of the pencil gliding or scratching the paper. Push the pencil harder and make a darker mark, change the rhythm of the mark by moving in squiggles and purposely avoiding the straight line.

Ignore time. Enjoy the drawing moment. Expect nothing of the drawing. And when you have finished, turn your drawing away from you. Come back to it a little later – 10 mins is a good time, or longer. Go and do something else before you come back to look at your work and when you do – make sure you are in a mindful state.


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