The Power of Words

THE POWER OF WORDS by noula diamantopoulos

Words matter. And how they are strung together matters. And how they are expressed matters.And the choice of words you express yourself with matters. And the energy you say those words is carried into the hearts and minds of others and of your own and it matters.

Is it semantics? Yes it is semantics. Thats the point.

Pause and pay attention to the words you choose to express your experiences in life. Listen to yourself when you dialogue with another. Write down the words you use to describe a situation. Really write them down. You will respond differently to those very same words when they are written, when you can see them in front of you, committed to paper with no voice to say “ah but thats not what I meant when I said that”.

Become present to how you express yourself. Become mindful of what it is you are expressing. How? Check in with yourself first. What state are you in? Frustrated, anxious, doubtful or happy, light & positive? Wherever you are you will bring it with you in your words.

Words matter. Be fearless with expressing your truth and do not hold on to it be the only right way. Accept the many right ways of others and be prepared to shift your perspective, to see the same thing anew and with that you change and you grow.

“The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing< with new eyes" Marcel Proust
OR “with new words” noula diamantopoulos

Watch this short video on the Power of Words.


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