Uttering’s Of The Inside Voice

Utter, mutter, blah, blah, blah… the sound of the Inner Critic that talks to us uninvitedly and always in an unkind way, lacking compassion or any concept of the power of positive thinking. What is that about?

These toxic thoughts that say ‘no don’t do that, you aren’t good at doing that, you are not talented, that person doesn’t like you, ask someone else to do it because they are better at it, you cannot learn creativity, just go back to your day job” & the nicest of all Inner Critics might say, “Don’t attempt the drawing until you have been given all the instructions and make sure you follow all the instructions sequentially, that’s important because if your drawing is not good then its not your fault.”

This little voice (sometimes the Inner Critic appears as a feeling that physically creates discomfort – sweaty palms, nausea), intends to protect you from experiencing failure, and whats the best way to not experience failure? Simple. Avoid the experience altogether. And you intuitively know that avoiding experience means to avoid life.

Experience, from the Latin experientia, knowledge gained by repeated trials. No trials, no experience, no knowledge.

So get to know your IC. The IC truly wish’s the best for you and you can help them by listening to them and re interpreting their fear based language with positive language.
Yes – have a dialogue with them – and it is best in the written form. Get a pen and paper and write down what the IC is saying. Then respond – on the same piece of paper and continue the process. let the dialogue be one that seeks to understand – do not fight each other – accept the right for each others point of view even though the language of the IC maybe harsh. The IC has had to get your attention quickly – that’s been his/her strategy – hence the very strong & judgemental language.

Each time you do this you will be creating a wonderful supportive inner voice and it won’t even take very long for the conversion from an Inner Critic to an Inner Coach.


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