The Messenger

We are all sent messages.
I believe this.

I call the obvious ones coincidences. They’re obvious because we experience them as a cluster of different messages that allow us to see their connection.
But there are more. Some are so subtle that we miss them. Others create a curious feeling within us and then we get distracted and forget them.

I am acting as a messenger now to remind you to become aware of your messenger(s). They come in a variety of ways – a word from a child, an image from a doodle, a smile from a stranger, someone you keep thinking about, a book title, the curious markings on a tree, something in a magazine that you just randomly picked up, the spontaneous desire to pop into a store on the way to somewhere else.

I believe our messenger’s like to mix it up – keep us curious and alert – giving our imagination a true work out if we choose to use it.
Imagination is the key to our creativity – our ability to create our life, manifest our hearts desires, discover our souls purpose and be all that we can be.

All we have to do is exercise our imagination – we don’t even have to work out the exercise routine – our messenger’s do that for us. We just need to get on the program.

So do you want to activate your imagination, access your creativity – then listen, look & feel into the messages – they are there. I wont tell you how though – I’ll let you use your imagination instead!


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