The Archetype Creative

How curious that I have only just made the connection – that of the archetype creative being. That is, many of us have a very strong image of what a creative person looks like, what they can do, and how they feel & think.

So what are the characteristics & aspects of the archetype creative being? Here is a short list of what my students have said over the last 12 years.

A creative being is a person who is talented, expressive, can draw, is enthusiastic, extrovert, curious, unique, original, is born that way, can imagine, creates all the time, is different to the norm, doesn’t care about external opinions, is sensitive, is egocentric, goes within, struggles with their art, is pained and is not understood.

Dark and light plays in the archetype creative being – as with all archetypes.
However my point is, if we could see that we are comparing ourselves to a ‘collective concept’, then we can become aware of our “personal divergencies”. But to even do that is to be be hooked into the predetermined definitions that we have thoughtlessly accepted AND then limited our experience of our creative being, because of it.

And it looks like this, “I’m not creative because I cant draw.” Many can relate to this.

Everyone can draw. When someone says I can’t draw, what they are saying is I can’t draw well. What that means is that they cant draw realistically.
So that means that everyone can draw unrealistically!

Unrealistic drawing is a genre in art. It is bold and expressive, freed from the limitations of rules and guidelines and where things should be. Guided instead by the joy of moving a pencil across a paper and making a mark that is yours. Ah, do you have the courage and desire to continue?

And as a final point, lets say you do want to draw in a realist style – here’s a clue – go to art school and learn to ‘see’ form and contour, just like you learnt to ‘see’ letters to be able to read & write – it’s the same – its a learnable skill and just because you can read and write doesn’t automatically mean you will become an author.

However, that does not stop you from experiencing the joy of reading or writing.


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