Spontaneous Creativity

Spontaneous Creativity – Spontaneous – from the Latin sponte meaning of ones own accord, willingly, suggests that there is a willingness to create. As adults is there a willingness to create?

Or do we feel that the idea of Spontaneous Creativity is just silly play. Sure, get out the paints and paper and just make something you feel like making and don’t worry about it if it looks like bad.

But think about it? If we have a willingness to create, a strong desire to express ourselves – to express SELF, then the rest will follow.

Our WILL to create will lead to experimenting & questioning and exploring our SELF. This leads to self expression. Expression – Latin ex meaning out, pressare to press or push. Express, to press or push out. If we are to express Self, then there is something inside us that needs a push out. Could the push out be an act of Spontaneous Creativity – a willingness to inwardly explore Self and then challenge our Self to bring it out to express.

Maybe we have a willingness and also barriers. One of the most effective barriers to halting our creativity, is on focusing on the product of our creativity, judging it, speaking badly about it and creating such an unpleasant feeling, that it inhibits, prohibits and at best makes tenuous all further attempts to pursue this path.

And yet everything we do in our life is an act of creativity. EVERYTHING.
Every decision we make creates an experience in our life, that informs us. It is when we become aware of this, that we are powerful creators, that Spontaneous Creativity is truly awakened in us.

And when it is, its both insightful and so much fun.


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