On The Topic Of Talent

We cannot help but Create in our lives. It is very hard to not Create, and yet some of us believe that they are not Creative. However this is only a matter of definition.

How do you define Creativity? Is it someone who can draw like Michelangelo, or paint like Van Gogh, or sculpt like Rodin?

I wonder if those Creators wanted to be like others before them? Or did they simply give themselves permission to learn the skills of their trade and then give themselves even bigger permission to express it with their own ‘unknown’ and unique language.

Everything we do in our lives is an act of Creation. Creativity is simply the way we express ourselves – our self. The way we dress, speak, our home environment, garden, how we cook, the words we choose to communicate and all of this corresponds to the kinds of people we have in our lives, the kind of relationships we attract and therefore the way we connect with the world – all of it we have Created.

To Create a painting, a poem, a drawing, a sculpture or whatever else is no different.
The original meaning of the word Talent ( i can hear you thinking this as you are reading), talentum meant inclination, leaning, will, desire.

So maybe its not the lack of talent that is stopping you from learning to make art. Maybe its your lack of inclination, will or desire to express yourself through drawing, painting or sculpting.

You are a Creative Being – it’s impossible not to be.


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