Coach Your Creative Spirit

COACH YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT by noula diamantopoulos

We are beings of potential.

We were born with this from source. It’s there at all times and it’s there forever. We don’t have to do anything else other than to recognise the potency that resides within us and then to action it. Without action it stays within us dormant, unused, unexplored, unshared.

Many of us don’t know that it’s there or believe that we have it, yet we do.
Potential is the power of possibility.
The power of possibility is our Imagination accessed.
Are you creating with your imagination – the powerhouse of potential?
Maybe your creative spirit needs a little Holistic Coaching.

Get out of your rational mind now and draw a shape that you connect with, that represents you. Draw this shape on a piece of paper. Don’t think about this too much. Intuit the shape – maybe a triangle, maybe a circle, maybe something that is organic and nameless. This shape is you.

Are you ready for the next part? Read on once you have your shape drawn down.
For the next 4 weeks carry this shape with you. In a pocket size journal of unlined pages, start documenting everything that you see, hear & feel that is that same shape. You can record it in your journal with a word, you can draw it or if you find your shape in an image in a magazine, then cut it out and paste it in your journal. You might find your shape in text form, in a poem, in a dance movement, in the sound of music. Date each entry.

As you mindfully attend to this exercise your imagination will develop and move you from the ordinary and the expected to beyond. Your imagination will awaken so quickly, so amazingly. And this little exercise alone will change the way you experience your world and the way you experience yourself.

This exercise creates a journal of perspectives. The ability to see multiple perspective, the ability to think metaphorically, is one of the gifts of our imagination.
Coach your creative spirit with this exercise.


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