Open Sesame

Gestation period is over. Its time to get creative and remember that we are all here to create. I started this blog with enthusiasm & purpose. Then a pause – unplanned but fully invited. This ‘pause’, allowed me to experience my heart opening – in that fine moment of nothingness so much happens almost unwitnessed, too subtle for me at times, until I simple paused and observed. A practice (by the way), that does not end. I realise that now, as I am writing as a result of a ‘pause’.

Our life continues with each breath that we take and with each breath we give back. So many spiritual practices focus on this life force for personal wellbeing. Sports coaches teach optimum breathing techniques to enhance physical performance. When we are distressed, the first thing we hear anyone say is… breathe…

As natural as it is to breathe, we still require guidance to learn to focus on our breath. Breath is not only about breathing and keeping us in existence on this planet. Breath holds the key to wellbeing (take in a deep breath now!).

This breath, this beautiful life giving gift, comes hand in hand with our desire to create in our lives. Inspiration, the source of the creative journey, is in turn is unlocked by our Imagination (the key to creativity). Inspiration, from the Latin spirare, which means to breath.

To Create. To create a meaningful, fulfilling life. To have joy and to share joy no matter the circumstances. To be grateful for life’s journey and her experiences.To embrace the not so good times, accepting them with compassion and not fighting them, nor judging them – including ourselves.

So, with this renewed direction, I begin my quest for creativity and share this with you so that all our hearts may open to the life force that is held deep within – lets bring her out to play.


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