Questing Creativity

QUESTING CREATIVITY by noula diamantopoulos

The topic of creativity seems to be an elusive gift.

“Some people have it, most don’t.”
“You were either born with it or not.”
“I don’t think I am.”
“I don’t have any natural talent to (fill in the blank here!).”
“Creativity can’t be learnt.”
“I’m not creative.”
“I’m creative sometimes.”
“I can’t visualise.”
“I don’t have a good imagination.”

And the list goes on…

I have heard these statements repeated many times with an energy of defeat. That’s curious to me. The statements are not even exploratory. They are not even raised as a question, to be explored. Nope. And so when we enrol in a photography course for example, or a course on writing or join a drawing class, is it to prove what you already believe? Why do those classes exist in the first place, if creativity is not learnable skill. Curious huh! I know I am. I have been educating creativity for the last 15 years and though I have changed and so have my students, these statements are revived in each and every program that I run. Curious!

So what if I said you are creative. That everyone is creative. That it is impossible to not be creative. That everything you have done to date is an Act of Creativity. These statements are my beliefs and I wish to share with you your journey to Accessing & Activating your creativity.

Pause a moment and explore this. Start thinking about all the decisions you have made in life. They created your experiences. Your experiences in turn created who you are.

You might say, “I didn’t have a choice.” Well. You did and you made it. A ‘no choice’ is still a decision you made. Think of the way you problem solve, or how you negotiate when you want something, what you choose to wear, the words you use to communicate with children or how you create a dinner party, your garden and the interiors of your house. These are all acts of creativity. Is it not apparent then that creativity is a doing, an act, an action which is the result of a process and not an attribute that we may or may not have.

So if we are to consider that creativity is an act, a doing and therefore a process, then what do you mean when you make statements like “I am not creative’. Perhaps what you may be saying has more to do with:

1. Your creative desire to express something personal of yourself

2. That you seek to find that personal aspect of yourself, that you hope is there, that you wish to discover it and be surprised by that.

3. And yet something is stopping you from engaging with your desire.

To create, is an expression of an integrated you. It is the integration of heart, mind and body at a point in time that engages the creative process which in turn produces an expression of you, a creation. As such, creativity is a process. And this process is driven by desire to express. Basically you want it.

The key that opens the way is imagination. Imagination is the most powerful aspect of our being. It creates us. It excites us with the possibility of who we can be and what we can do. But I’m jumping ahead right now. I’ll let you marinate on this for a bit.


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